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Andrew finally cracked 30 pounds in the Summer of 2000. 

Some of his Favorite things are: Trucks, Jeff (#24) of course, Pooh Bear, Dad's tool box & and playing in the dirt.

This kids sleeps with every favorite toy of the day in his bed.  Even if it is Dad's toolbox, his cash register or his play kitchen.

Andrew's Favorite Movies: Anything Pooh, his Truck videos, Toy Story & Teletubbies with his sister.

Andrew's Sister: Amanda is doing well although I think she wishes she was an only child.  Brother greets her every morning by jumping in her crib and helping her to throw her toys out.

A few more facts:
Poor kid hates to have help.  He would rather fight with his clothes for an hour then have someone help him.

This picture was taken just before he went under. He was playing on the step near the edge of the hotel's pool. I had Amanda, I was twirling her through the water when out of the corner of my eye I saw hands & that was it.  Andrew kept bouncing himself off of the bottom & holding his breath.  He did a good job & mom kept her eyes peeled!






Andrew William Logan


Andrew & his buddy Abby
Her Mommy & I have pre-arranged their marriage!


Andrew & his "Baby Sister" Amanda. 
He'd rather call her Baby Sister instead of Amanda


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