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Answers to common questions asked of MYLEAGUE SUPPORT:

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Hosting Time Rules

Rules For No-Shows

Tournament Settings 


Rules for those in Top10

Rules for Ladder Reporting

League Issues



As a TD or HTD of Park Place you are expected to follow the guidelines presented below:

1. There will be no fighting in a public lobby/chat

2. Any disputes between members will be handled in a professional manor if your insulted by a member you do not insult them back

3. If there is a dispute you notify a HTD OR ADMIN immediately.  If that is not possible use your best judgment to resolve and mail admin with details. Remember screen shots are your friend. 

4. When you are playing a game either on this league or another league you will follow the rules and play with good sportsmanship

5. When running an addy to promote your tournament or helping another td addy for their tournament you will ask permission before you run the ad in other lobby's than ours meaning comp 2 social or beginners lobby's if leagues are there (More on Addying below).

6. If you can't make a tournament you booked you need to notify a HTD OR Admin in advance to cover it.  (see official ruling below)

7. You need to have MSN messenger and be available for contact when on line also your name on hotmail must match your screen name

8. Attend any meetings that we have and stay at then until their concluded or told you can leave by an Admin this does not include those that have a tournament to run during any such meetings 

Hosting Time Rules:

We will only set on Odd hours. 
Playleagues will set on Even hours. 

Please keep you tourney times to on the hour. Don't set tourneys for the half 

Also Do Not open Check-in no sooner than an hour and a half before the start time of your tourney.

Rules For No-Shows:

The utilization of these rules is necessary to keep both players and the league happy.
We understand things come up that may prevent you from being able to host your tournament.  Please make every effort to let a HTD or admin know you are not able to make it. 

1st no show = Warning
2nd no show = 3 Day Suspension
3rd no show = 1 Week suspension

You will have 7 days to respond to an admin about your failure to show or you will jeopardize your privledges at Park Place.  At the discretion of the Park Place Administration after 3 suspensions you will be removed from being a TD at Park Place.

Tournament Settings:

Location is 1st Comp Monopoly Lobby

By default all tourneys are set to Rating - Feel free to utilize the other options of seeding. 
If you use random or registration number please make that known in the message box.

Make sure you fill in your default tourney rules.

All TD's are asked to use the following rules to start your tournaments.  Please modify them for special tourneys like 2v2's.

/me  ~~ GAME PLAY http://     Playsite & Park Place names much match. Games are 
played on UNRATED tables with AUCTIONS OFF. 
/me ~~ PAIRINGS  http://         I will give out pairing. The 1st person in 
Pairing sets the table. The 2nd person in Pairings times the match for 20 
minutes. Please use the League clock on Tourney page. 
/me If your opponent is not here we will time them for 10 minutes. If you 
opponent disconnects please stop time and whisper the TD with time. 
/me ~~ VERIFY   http://           Please stay in room and call a TD to verify 
your win. Not doing so could have you DQ'ed.
/me ~~ MOST OF ALL HAVE FUN http://

Various game play rules are found at the following link:



All TD's are encouraged to addy, or advertise not only their upcoming tournament but for the league.  Please be respectful when entering other league rooms. The Social Monop and the 2nd Comp Lobby on playsite have mainly leagues in them.  Please ask if you can addy b4 you put up your ad.  Any problems with addying please let the admin know.

Adds can be something like the following:

 - Join the Park Place Monopoly League - You've seen the rest, now join the best  ~~ JOIN HERE

-/me says: ~~click here  for offical league clock

League Issues

Issues will arise from time to time.  We at Park Place have established a chain of command and a guideline for pursuing Park Place issues.

If you have a problem with another Park Place league player or TD bring it up with one of the HTD's.  If they are not available or you are an HTD and are having a problem you may then contact AnderPander a Park Place Administrator.  Contact may be made via email or msn or yahoo. 

All issues are important.  If AnderPander is not online, or has not responded to your problem and it is an emergency, then and only then may you contact PoofUrGone or YakKityYak_.   Abuse of MSN or any other chatting service will be dealt with.


Rules for those in the Top 10

Top Ten

Because everyone dreams of being in the Top Ten we have some special rules that apply for these users. This keeps the competition for these slots in high gear. Only players who are ranked in the Top Ten need to worry about these.
Top of the Heap: Everyone wants a shot at #1; consequently there should be a lot of activity and movement in the top ranks of the Ladder. Remember that rank has priority when it comes to challenges. Keeping that in mind, the number one player should play the number two player as often as possible.

Inactivity: Players in the Top Ten must play at least once every 14 days. If the don't they are automatically dropped five rungs and their inactivity counter is reset. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Rank Hounding: Players in the Top Ten are expected to be as active after they reach the top ranks as they were before. In other words, if you are playing 20 games a day to make it to the Top Ten and then only play once a week to hold your rank you may be penalized.

Leapfrogging: Players in the Top Ten should try to play the person ranked directly below them at least once every three days. If you are found to be avoiding challenges that put your rank at risk your account will be penalized.

Challenges from Different Ranks:
Top Ten players must take challenges in order of rank as with other users.

Unless you are ranked in the top 25 of the Ladder it is illegal to E-mail Top Ten players requesting a match. Even then E-mail challenges should be reserved for situations in which you have failed in attempts to get a match via the traditional methods. If you receive a mail from a player outside of this range you should reply and gently remind them of the rules.

Play Lists: Use of 'playing lists' is strongly discouraged. If someone asks for a match and you are already playing simply tell him or her that. Lists only serve to foster discouragement on the part of the users who are constantly told they are being added only to rarely get the promised match. You are not expected to play every person on the Ladder just because you are ranked in the Top Ten. You fought your way up there one rung at a time and so must everyone else.

Fair Play: It should go without saying that other Top Ten players who challenge you should be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. You should do your best to see that challenges of this nature are played as soon as possible for the benefit of both parties. Avoiding or delaying challenges from other Top Ten members will result in penalty.

Image: Because everyone has got their eyes on the top ranks of the Ladder we expect the members of this elite group of players to conduct themselves appropriately. This means we will be keeping a closer eye on them than most. You are among the Top Ten players in the world in your chosen game. Set a good example!

There is a lot of competition and pressure associated with being ranked in the Top Ten. Remember that this is just a game and above all meant to be fun! 

Rules for Reporting

Report Immediately: Losses are to be reported immediately after a game is completed…before any further Ladder matches are started. Not reporting promptly will result in penalty.

Who to Report To: In one on one games the loser of the match reports.

In games where you play with a partner each member of the losing team reports a loss to both partners of the winning team, so at the end of the match you would either gain two wins or report two losses.

In 'free for all' matches…or matches in which multiple opponents are all competing against each other without partners each of the losers of the match reports a loss to the one overall winner.

When playing games with more than one opponent it is important that losses are reported in the proper order if rank will be affected by the order of report. You must report to the highest ranking opponent first in those cases. It is your responsibility to make sure you report in the correct order when necessary. Not doing so will result in penalty. 

Reporting & Passwords: It is illegal to share your password with any other user for the purpose of reporting or any reason. If you are discovered using another user's password both of your accounts will be removed.

Problems Reporting: If you have a problem and cannot report your own loss follow the SUPPORT link and request assistance with this from Ladder Staff.

Unreported Matches: Most unreported matches are a simple case of forgetfulness on the part of your opponent. If your opponent has not reported your match within an hour of the match you should send them a friendly E-mail reminder to post. In most cases this is all that is needed to get them to post.

If they still have not posted an hour after your E-mail reminder and you see them online playing other matches you should follow the SUPPORT link and submit an unreported match claim against them. Ladder staff will handle the situation from there for you.

If, however, you do not see them online after sending your Email reminder you should give them 12-24 hours to post their loss before submitting an unreported match claim against them in order to give them time to receive your E-mail.

You should never harass another user in chat or interrupt their other Ladder matches in an attempt to get them to report. If you see them online giving them one friendly reminder is acceptable, but beyond that you should let Ladder Staff settle the dispute for you. 

This weeks TIDBIT


In a perfect world everyone would get along and the animals would help us with our
chores yadda yadda yadda, but we do not live in a perfect world and the internet
certainly is a whole new ball game as far as the world goes.

With so many leagues and so few reliable game sites, we are bound to have issues.
We understand that everyone would like us to police the rooms and we wish we
could too. We simply do not have enough time or man power to do so. 

Myleagues were created with the idea of no support. Your Myleague Support team
are volunteers. While we understand how difficult league vs league arguments can
be, we feel that tech support is the most important issue. After all, If you can not
log in to create a tournament or activate a member how would you run your

So please understand that our first priority is tech support and html. We will only
step in if the feuding is very obviously abusive and interferes with tournaments.
Having said this here are a few suggestions when handling these situations:

* Try to speak with the head admin of the other league in a table, instant message
or email.

* Try using a table as the lobby for your league and if you maximize the table you
will not be able to see the abusive chat in the lounge. If the abusive league follows
to your table boot them and make the table private. 

* Place the members of the other league on ignore and instruct your members to
do the same.
Do not respond to the abuse, most of the abusive people get bored fast when no
one will interact with them.

* Try to find another room. Sometimes we have to let go of our pride for the good
of our members. 

There have been many times We have received emails about league vs league
problems and these solutions work.


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Updated Sept 2002