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Update for 2-2002
In the next few weeks I will be  transitioning over to Comcast.
My new email addy will be
This site may be down for a few days towards the end of Feb. as 
I transition the web space. The site addy will
remain the same.  But the alt addy will change. I  will post that as 
soon as I know what it is.



Featured Birth Story this week

Kristy's Story
I really want another child and was wondering if anyone out there has ever had a 2nd pregnancy after such a severe case of HELLP like mine and was successful. 

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Childbirth is certainly an amazing experience.  Unfortunately sometimes that experience becomes a complicated and uncertain event.  HELLP Syndrome can be one of those  experiences that can complicate pregnancy.  Stories of how each mom and family deals with HELLP may bring hope, strength and courage to others out there who are just experiencing HELLP/ pre-eclampsia or who have already went through HELLP or those who are just researching HELLP. 

We are now 100's informative stories strong 

Tell Your HELLP Story Here!

The road traveled while you experience HELLP is a very precarious one indeed.  By sharing your story you may help others to understand more about HELLP and even with all of the variables regarding HELLP that one is not alone in this experience.

If you have a picture you want included with your story please give me the web site where it can be found or send it to me via email.
 If you want to submit your story via e-mail, send it to


Please include the following information:
Your Name
Baby's Name
webpage/pic if applicable

and most importantly your birth story!

No story is too long or too short! Every story is greatly appreciated!



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