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REBOOTS--Players are allowed up to three reboots per tournament, and only one per game. A disconnect is not considered a

TABLE SETTING--The first player announced in the pairing must SET the table. That player should ask the opponent if they are ready to begin, and when they get they okay, they are to click the "Start a new game" button. This player is responsible for correctly setting up the table. If the table settings are incorrect, the player who set the table will be disqualified.

MATCH TIMING--The second player announced in the pairing is responsible for timing the match. When the match begins, this
player must type in the chat window the time the match BEGINS, and when it will end, according to the clock on the Tournament
Main Page. They are responsible for announcing to the TD or other player, when asked, how much time is remaining. They are also responsible to announce when the game is nearing it's end. If the this player fails to correctly time the match, they will be

DISCONNECTS--Players are allowed a maximum of 4 disconnects per game, which is enforced by If a player
disconnects for a fourth time, they will be disqualified.

GAME TIMEOUT--If a player is disconnected during a match, and does not return within 7 minutes, they will be disqualified from the match. This is enforced by

REPORTING FOR MATCH--Players must be in the Lobby within 10 minutes from the start of their match, or they will be disqualified. If your opponent is not in the lobby when pairings are announced, inform the TD immediately AFTER pairings are announced.

NO STALLING--Although tournament games do not have timed rolls selected, all players will play as though 1 minute rolls have been selected. Any player found to be "stalling" their rolls will be disqualified. This does not include lagging. However, when only one player's system is lagging, the match time may be extended at the discretion of the TD, and the lagging player may be requested to reboot.

PLAYSITE DECLARATION--If, for any reason, declares one player the winner. That player will be considered the winner for that match.

HARASSMENT--Any player found harassing or being otherwise abusive to any TD or league player at ANY TIME may be penalized, suspended from the league, or removed and banned from the league.

TRADING--When a player receives a trade offer, that trade offer must be evaluated and accepted or rejected by the end of the next players roll. Waiting longer than this is considered "Sitting" on a trade. Players may not alter an offered trade by mortgaging or unmortgaging property offered in a trade unless otherwise agreed upon by both players in chat. Trade "Sitting" and "Altering" are considered cheating by the league and are grounds for disqualification during a tournament or ladder match.