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Below are links to Preemie related sites, Pregnancy related sites and other interesting health/pregnancy related sites.  If you want your link added please email me.

Preemie Related Links:

American Association for Premature Infants

March Of Dimes - National Perinatal Statistics

Coping with premature birth: An emotional journey

The Preemie-L Homepage (includes Preemie-L Mailing List & Forum)
The Preemie-l Discussion Forum
The Preemie-L Resources WebSite
The Preemie-L Photo Gallery
The Preemie-l Early Edition Newsletter
Preemie-L Breastfeeding FAQ
Developmental Care - Considerations for Touch and Massage in
the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Tommy's CyberNursery Preemie Web Page
An Introduction to Extremely Premature Babies
Resources for Parents of Preemies
"T-bone's Tips for Preemie Parents - a survival guide
Outcomes For Premature Infants By Gestation
Low Birth Weights
A Primer On Preemies
Exceptional Parent Online Magazine
Children's Disability List of Lists
Internet Resources For Special Children
The Preemie Web Ring
The Older Preemies Forum

Childrens Medical Ventures
Special Child Magazine
Lilli Nielsen Little Room

Faq On RSV - Respiratory Syncytial Virus
The RSV Information Center
RSV Prevention Information Center

What is Cerebal Palsy
The Cerebal Palsy Information Center
The Cerebal Palsy Resource Page
Cerebal Palsy Mailing List
Cerebal Palsy and Botox FAQ:
The Cerebal Palsy Support Network

Respiratory Disorders in the Newborn
Parents of children with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD)
Chronic Lung Disease Information Resource
Pulmonary Pathology Index

 Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome
Florida Institute For Fetal Diagnosis And Therapy
National Association for Parents of the Visually Impaired
Congenital Heart Defect Support Group
Hyaline Membrane Disease
The PVL Resource Center

Pediatric Adolescent Gastroesophogeal Reflux Association
The Gerd Word
Apnea of Prematurity
Hydrocephalus Support Group & Mailing List
Feeding and Preemies
The Gtube Mailing List
disABILITY Links
Early Interventionist Mailing List - who serve infants, toddlers, and
preschoolers with high incidence disabilities and their families

KangaRooEmma's Baby Afghan Care for Preemies

The Preemie Store

Emma's Baby Afghan
Preemie Ripple Afghan
Tiny Little Clothes Inc.
Le Petite Baby

Prematurely Yours: A baby book for Preemies

Empowering parents of premature babies-Last years Preemie Conference papers.
Directions for the 21st century: bridging the gap between aprents and professionals-this years Preemie Conference.

Breastfeed & Pumping Related Links:

Breastfeeding Answers: Premature Baby
Breastfeeding Premature Infants-LLL
Pumping Moms WebSite
Large-Breasted Nursing FAQ
The Breast Bottle - Adiri America
Join the Pumping Moms List - send an email to:
with the words  -subscribe pump- in the body of the message
or contact the listowners at

Pregnancy Related Links:

SideLines National Support Network
Beyond Bedrest and Pregnancy Complications - Mailing List
Doulas of North America
Maternity Fashions for Less
MotherLove Herbal Company
*Peapods Natural Attachment Parenting Products-Over the Shoulder Baby Holder distributer.

The HELLP Syndrome Society
The HELLP Syndrome Mailing list-for those interested in or who have had HELLP. - Search for HELLP and Join!
The German Pre-Eclampsia Site
More HELLP/Pre-Eclampsia Related Sites:
Inkan's PROM Page
Group B Strep Page
Club Previa - a site for those expierencing Placenta Previa
Online PPD Support Group

Younger Mothers Network
Myria-the magazine for Mothers
e-Pregnancy Resources for Pregnant Parents
Pregnancy Today - for Moms By Moms
Babies Today Online
The First Nine Months

Natural ways of inducing labor. I highly recommend this page!
Post Partum Depression Page
Hygeia Foundation for Perinatal Loss and Bereavement

Mending Broken Hearts

Not So Preemie Sites

Feeding Difficulties in Infants & Young Children

Our Web Friends:
*signifies 'Preemies'

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*Neil's Page - if this doesn't load take out the neil part & then hit enter.  They have a pw on his page.
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*The Kowalski Page
*Abby's Page - A HELLP Baby
*The two monkeys twins home page

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