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How this site came to be!




My name is Ami. I live in Michigan with my Husband and 2 children. I am the author/owner of this site.


My HELLP story can be found here

Andrew, my HELLP baby, can be seen here

A link to my personal site can be found here


The Birth of a site:

Most people write about the birth of their children. I did that as well but in doing so this site was born. I am not a professional of any kind. I am a wife a mother a daughter.

After my HELLP pregnancy I compiled information for my own benefit. I would read over sites back in 1997 and see so many other woman who had went through what I did. Soon people were sending me their own stories, so I started to keep them on one site. That site grew into what it is today. With the purchase of it's own domain name I was able to reach so many more.

Today I work part-time. I keep this site updated and running smoothly in my spare time. It's a form of relaxation to me.

A friend of mine helped me update the site in the summer of 2003. Julie, thanks so much! The purchase of the domain name, programs to update the site and my ISP are paid out of my own pocket but the site is now hosted by Esosoft courtesy of MyriaMedia.

My goal is the keep this site update to date with current articles and research on the web along with the ever expanding HELLP birth stories. By doing this I hope to be able to reach more and more families and woman who are touched by HELLP or are researching HELLP.



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