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Read the Elizabeth's HELLP story told through her husband Shawn.

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Childbirth is certainly an amazing experience.  Unfortunately sometimes that experience becomes a complicated and uncertain event.  HELLP Syndrome can be one of those  experiences that can complicate pregnancy.  Stories of how each mom and family deals with HELLP may bring hope, strength and courage to others out there who are just experiencing HELLP/ pre-eclampsia or who have already went through HELLP or those who are just researching HELLP. 

We are now 100's informative stories strong 

What is HELLP Syndrome? 
It stands for Hemolysis, Elevated Liver, Low Platelet.  For more information on HELLP please refer to my HELLP Syndrome page .
If you have an HELLP Syndrome story please take a moment to share it with us.  Please tell us what lead up to your having HELLP and what the outcome was and how you are doing today and whether you have had any pregnancies since having HELLP.
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I also take pre-e and other story's of pregnancy related complications

There are over 100 stories to pick from. 

Click here for Birth Stories up to and including 30 weeks of Pregnancy
Click here for Birth Stories from beyond 30 weeks of pregnancy.
Over 10 new stories this week!

NEW - HELLP Stories in Spanish!

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Can you offer support or encouragement to these readers?

Do you have any information about a possible correlation between emotional stress and hellp syndrome?  I had a particularly stressful pregnancy ('though everything was fine phsically until week 34 when I went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with hellp).  Just wondering if the emotional stress could have brought on the hellp syndrome....
any info. you have would be very much appreciated!

Thank you, Andrea

Thank you for this web site I delivered my daughter almost two years agowith a severe case of HELLP that was misdiagnosed by my doctor as being a nervous first time mother.  I have searched and searched for information on HELLP and was never satisfied with what I found until now.  As I consider having a second child I feel more confident in knowing the questions that I should ask my new OB and what my risk factors are for a reoccurrence as I ve been told by several OB that there is no risk.
Please keep this site going it is truly a worth while endeavor


Journals: Read the passages of moms who are going through or who have went through another pregnancy after having HELLP.
Julie's Pregnancy Journal
Amber's Pregnancy Journal-Amber is pregnant again! Congrats & keep us updated!
Cristen's Pregnancy Journal - It's a boy!
Heather's Pregnancy Journal 

The  Current HELLP Journals:
We have none! If you would like to journal your current pg with us please  email me

Are you a mom on bedrest for pre-e, are you a mom on your next pregnancy after having HELLP?  If so and you would be willing to do a weekly journal of your progress we would love to hear from you!  Email me at:

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Magnesium Sulfate FAQ

The Law Offices of Kathleen T. Zellner
Ms. Zellner has represented HELLP and Pre-eclampsia cases.
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This Weeks Featured Book

Every Pregnant Woman's Guide to Preventing Premature Birth

Coming to Term: A Fathers Story Of Birth, Loss and Survival

Living Miracles:Stories Of Hope From Parents Of Premature Babies - These include 3 HELLP Syndrome Stories

The Adventures of a H.E.L.L.P. Syndrome Baby 

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