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Hopefully Arriving around July 8th 1999
Alexander John or Amanda Michelle

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Week 37
Still pg.  The NST's are going well.  Sometimes they have to give me juice or something to help get the little one up and moving but it's really no big deal.  This last Dr. visit was boring.  I lost 2 pounds but thats ok.  No internal this time and there was only minimal swelling as it's been pretty cool temp wise this past week.  Urine and BP are fine.
I have to actually wake up at night to turn over or to change positions in bed.  At the end of each day it feels like I've completed an aerobic workout.  My belly button has been at that same half in half out point for the past few weeks.  A few new stretch marks way up high on my belly.
Week 36
Still here, still pregnant.  Still doing the bi-weekly NST's.  Those appointments and the weekly Doctors appointments are pretty boring.  This week they drew blood to do a PIH/HELLP check.  If anything turns up they will call and let me know.  I did have my sugar drop out a few times on me the past week, but there has been no sugar in my urine, nor protein for that matter.
I did follow my OB who left one practice to work at another.  The office is a bit further away but it's worth it.  This Thursday will be 37 weeks.  My NST's are on Tuesdays and Fridays.  BP at docs was 132/68, at the hospital it's usualy 132/78......  A bit up but not more than 30 Systolic and 15 diastolic, so until that time I don't think anyone will that is the classic warning sign for pre-e.  A gain of only 2 pounds since last week as well, but a bit on the wooozy side so thats the reason for the PIH blood test.  No discernable contractions but some BH's......
We bought Andrew a 'I'm the big brother' t-shirt.  It's ready and so are we!

Week 35
Well we are well on our way to a healthy baby, so far no preemie this time!  All the tests to check on my liver, kidneys and thyroid came back good.  My platelet levels were excellent as well.  I am dialated and effaced but no real contractions as of yet.  I still have swelling in my feet and hands but it's not too bad.
I am going twice a week now for Non-Stress Testing at the hospital.  I don't mind going.  I also decided to go with my OB which left the practice he was in for a new one.  I feel much more comfortable with him.
The baby is head down, body on MY left, feet up to MY right and in my ribs.  The baby moves quite well assuring me that it is growing and has enough fluid.  About 2 weeks ago the OB told me that the baby was roughly 4 1/2 pounds.  I hope the baby is at least 6 pounds before we go into labor!
The bags are packed for both me and Marble.  I got Andrew a 'I am the big brother' shirt!
I hit 9 months next week.  How incredible.  My BP has been excellent as well, a few times it has been in the low 130's/80's but mostly including today it was 126/68 which is wonderful for me!

Week 31
We are past the point where I had Andrew.  I still have some slight swelling in my legs but not as much as when my problems started last time.  The doctor has ordered a series of tests to check my liver, kidney and thyroid function.  I'll go in for those tests late next week.  I won't be taking any refresher courses or anything like that.  I have an appointment with the anethesiologist at the hospital where I will be delivering on June 2nd.  This will be to go over the epidural. I had one last time, a meeting and the actual epidural that is even though the hospital where I had to meet with the anethesiologist wasn't where I delivered!
I met with the other OB in the office for this visit, she is the main doctor there but the wait to see her is tremendous.  She's good but so is the other OB & he's not as popular but just as good!  So she made the comment about the baby is probably a girl to get ready mentally for the possibility of a girl...No I had only prepared myself for another little boy!
The baby is over 3 pounds now, close to 3 1/2......Movement is more than I can remember with Andrew and my belly button is really close to popping out...The baby is head down....I can tell by the hiccups....

Week 30
So far so good.  Less that a week to go till the point I had Andrew.  Last appointment went well and the next appointment is Wednesday.

April 2nd, 1999-Week 26
All is still going well.  About week 20 I had a bout with a UTI.  It led to an increase in my BP, Protein and other things.  The Doc put me on Macrobid and it cleared up.
So far things still appear to be going well.  I still have my wedding ring on but it does feel like it is getting a bit tighter.  I am only noticing swelling in my feet at night and it is very very mild.
I had a vicious cycle of hip pain that has turned into back pain.... Next week is my docs appointment.  I had my Glucose Tolerance Test on Monday and will know the results of that there......
So far just normal pg complaints...I'm tired...very tired....and achey..

Updated: February 5th 1999-Week 18

All is going well.  The worst part of morning sickness seems to have disappeared.  We have heard the heartbeat and already had our 'official' ultrasound.
Wednesday of next week is my next OB appointment, that'll be the day right before I hit 19 weeks.  I really have enjoyed this OB and his office.  We have decided to forego all the pre-natal testing so all the visits have been routine.
My cervix is holding & there is no swelling yet!!!!
Andrew & I were sick last week and part of this week.  We felt just awful.  Andrew ended up in the doctors office where she said he had 2 ear infections and bronchiotis.  We took him back yesterday and he seems to be doing much better, no rattle in the chest, wheezing, or fluid behind the ears.
January 12th 1999-Week 14
Had my OB appointment today. All looked well, heard the hearbeat and saw the little one jumping around!
I am still throwing up at least 4-6 times a week.  At least it isn't daily anymore!

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