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Andrew then...

Andrew now!

Andrew William Logan


Since our last yearbook Andrew has started  at age 4 and is now in Kindergarten.  He's done lots of things over the past few years. 

He's been camping  and to the beach with his friend Abby.  This was the summer of 2001. 

He got a Dog! 

He went to the beach with is sister, Mom, Grandma, Aunt Beth and Aunt Katie in 2003 & he's been up to Gaylord, Michigan Snowmobiling in the end of 2002 & again in the beginning of 2003! Pictures of those events are what we want to share with you today! 

But a quick personality update! Andrew went from not caring anything about academic things to doing very well.  He has mastered writing his name. He can count forever and can build the most awesome lego or block structures. 
His eating habits never improved at the rate I wanted them.  But you can't win them all! 

So there is the update now come see Andrew and his sister Amanda in their 2 most recent trips! Thanks for looking! 

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