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 Glad to see ya stopped by!  This is Ami's Page better known
as "The Fugitive" on TK.  I've been married to Dale for 5
years & we have Andrew who was born on 3-13-97!
We recently acquired a puppy which when
added to our  2 cats & tank of fish
qualifies us for a home zoo!

By the way - I still have that Blanket!

This is me when I was about 4 years old!

From Left to Right:
My siter Beth, Me, my Mom & my Sister Katie
The year : 1987

Brief History of Me!
Born on November 18th, 1974
I was a good baby, slept most of the time & even into toddlerdom was a good girl!
When I was about 4  I broke my left arm, broke both bones in 2 places.
I started Ice Skating when I was 6 or so.
About the same time I learned how to Snow Ski!
Did fairly well in school.  I Iced Skated until I was @ 13.
I graduated in 1992, married in 1993 and had a son in 1997!
To this day I still love to Ice Skate & watch Ice Skating.
I love Football (GO PACKERS) and like Hockey as well!
For a few years I worked contract for Ford & now I work PT at a Photo Lab...
When I have a few...I like to catch X-Files, ER, Party Of Five & almost anything on TLC!

This is my yearbook picture

Me and my husband Dale, before we married.
We met in the Spring of '92 & got engaged in the Winter!
We met play WalleyBall with a group of friends.

Our wedding invitation

Our Wedding!!!
From Left to Right:
Katie, Dale, my Dad-John Slagor, Me,
my Mom-Carol Slagor & Beth
September 11th, 1993

My Parents Wedding in 1973!

Andrew & my Dad.