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Zachary Paré

Hi!  My name is Zachary Paré.   Here I am in my first ''portrait''!   I was almost three when this picture was taken.

This is where I live!    I have a lot of space to play behind my house, which backs on to the St. Laurence River.  I live in Berthier-sur-Mer, a small village about 55 kms east of Québec City.  If you're wondering, I speak English and French....mostly French though, except with my
maman!   Sometimes I translate for her, because even though I'm only three, I think my French is better than hers!

Most people would describe me as an active guy.....
Here I am, climbing one of the many trees at my grandmaman's and grandpapa's house.  They conveniently live just a couple of kms down the road, and I do spend a lot of time there.

Here I am with my Grandpapa....I am so lucky he retired young (he just turned 58), because he has a lot of time to spend with me.   I love to work with him---he is the kind of guy who is always fixing something---I even have my own toolbox!   In fact, while my maman is typing this, I am out in Uncle Rosario's big tractor with Grandpapa, doing some work in the field.  It's -20 degrees celsius outside, but I don't let that stop me. (Besides, the tractor has heat!)   One of the big jobs I did this
fall was get the wood ready for out house and my grandparents'
house...spent a lot of days chopping, loading, unloading and stacking.

Even though my papa is super-busy, taking courses, working and teaching too, we spend fun time together too.  Here I am showing him how much fun tractoring can be!

For my third birthday, I got a tricycle....I am pretty handy on it, although I've had a few good crashes.  Wait till next year and the two-wheeler!

New Brother!
In September,  maman's baby finally arrived!   I've been pretty good about sharing the spotlight.  Raphael is not much fun to play with yet, but I have been promised that he will be more exciting soon.

Once in a while, Papa tries to convince me to relax.   It's working...sorta!

And here's Grandmaman!   We are very good friends, the two of
us....I do a lot of gardening with her, and I help her inside the house too.

Well, this picture of me and maman is a little dated, but in the rush to find pics for this yearbook, it is the only one she could find!   I love my maman....whenever I need consolation or a hug, it is definitely her I run to.  She's the one who reads me stories at night, too.

Thanks for checking me out!