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by Tara
sub - 8/4/01

This was a very unexpected thing to happen to me and I was so upset but I thank god for my OB and all the Dr.'s and nurses in the hospital who took excellent care of me..God Bless Them!   


Tara's Story

Hi my name is Tara Davila and I also suffered from HELLP Syndrome. 

This was my first pregnancy and myself and my husband were so excited.  Our families were thrilled and we were expecting out bundle of joy in early February on my birthday to be exact.  I was still working and besides the morning sickness everything was going great. 

At each check-up I gained the minimum weight I was feeling well and just anticipating delivery.  During the Christmas holidays I wasn't feeling myself but figured it was just normal to be uncomfortable so close to delivery.   

After the New Year I was just 5 weeks to delivery and still not feeling well. 

In my 36th week I was very sick I thought I had the flu and went to my OB who prescribed medication for me and told me to take it easy.  The week that followed would prove to be how sick I really felt.  I was vomitting green bile, had horrible headaches and severe pain in my upper abdomen which I mistaked for heartburn.  

I went to the hospital every day that week and the 
resident Dr. told me it would be any day now which I found hard to believe since I still had 4 weeks to go. 

On Friday night January 12 my water broke slightly at 10 pm but I stayed home and waited to see what would happen next.....On Saturday morning Januray 13, 2001 at 5:22 am my water fully broke and my husband and I took the short trip 
to the hospital. 

Once I got to the hospital the nurses immediately hooked me up to the monitors...thinking I was in pain from being in labor...they then realized after taking blood my platelets were down to 27, OB spoke to me and after I asked for an epidural I was told I could not have one due to my condition.....the whole week leading up to this I was starting to dialate and by the time my OB discussed my condition with me I was 8 1/2centimeters.  

I was ready and feeling ok......I was wheeled into delivery at 6:20 am and gave birth vaginally to a beautiful baby boy at 7:17 am weighing in at 7lbs. 5 oz. 19 1/4 inches.....we were thrilled but I was completely out of it my platelets had dropped to 6,000.......I barely heard my Dr.'s talk to my husband and rush me to recovery....I wasn't in the normal recovery I expected...I was alone with all sorts of ICU Dr.'s
monitoring me.....I was in the hospital for 4 days after I delivered my baby boy......Thank God he was completey fine...healthy and beautiful.....I now needed to try to get better....I was put on magnesium sulfate and had 8
fresh frozen plasma transfusions....I was nervous....exhausted and unsure of what would happen next....My OB called in hematologists to look at me and I was being closely monitored...I was feeling fine no headaches......but my 
platelets were telling a different story....over the four days I was in the platelet count slowly increased until I was finally allowed into a room on the regular maternity recovery floor. 

I left the hospital with my baby when my platelets were 175,000 and needed to follow up with the hematologist a month my surprise I was completely back to normal only 1 month later. 

My son is now almost 7 months and we're all doing only concern is for my next pregnancy....but we'll see what happens....I was so glad to come across this website and see that you're not alone when you thoughts are with all of you who have suffered..I hope you've all made full recoveries. 

Tara Davila 

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