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by Susanne
sub - 10/19/01

I am wondering if anyone has had a long term effects from HELLP. I am always tired and have no energy.

Susanne's Story

Hi, my name is Susanne. Just about 1 year ago, I had HELLP
syndrome. I never knew until my water broke.

During my pregnancy I had A LOT of lower back pain, it hurt
constantly and nothing seemed to help. During my 2nd
trimester I suddenly got this strange red, very itchy rash on
just my belly. The doctors seemed to think it was a allergic
reaction to something. 

Then in my 3rd trimester I had excrutiating pain around the bottom of my rib cage and in my back, nothing at all helped it, I laid on the couch and all I could do was cry, it hurt so much. I missed my check up .

Around here you have not much choice in a doctor, there are
4 gyno's and you have to meet them all and then it will be
whoever is on call that will deliver your baby. Anyway I
missed meeting one of them and decided to go to my regular
family doctor (he no longer delivers) because I was throwing
up etc. 

HE sent me in for blood work and a urine sample and
also to the hospital to put me on the baby moniter. He never
got the results.

A day later, my water broke a 5 am. I went to the hospital at 11 am all the time having that awful pain in my rib cage. They hooked me up to the monitar and decided my contractions were not close enough and the nurse told me I should go home and come back later. Another nurse came in and  said "you really don't want to go home do you?" I told her no and told her about my rib pain ( it was my liver, but we did not know that yet) so they looked into it and discovered I had HELLP. 

I was then air flown to Halifax and given a time limit to have my baby. I had my healthy baby girl, Hailey, at 9:01. But then my uterus collapsed and I had torn really bad and was bleeding very badly. They massaged my uterous very
hard (excrutiating pain) for 2 hours with no success. I was
then rushed into the OR and stitched etc.

Hailey had no complications and scored 9.9 on her apgar!!! Praise God for that!

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