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by Natalie
sub - 7/5/01

I was very happy with all the doctors and nurses and the attention that I received but when I think what might have happened i do feel that they should have discovered the problem sooner.


Natalie's Story

Throughout my pregnancy I was told that my baby would be small but I didn't know why.

At 36 weeks I developed severe upper back pain and went to the hospital. I was told that there was protein in my urine but that it was probably a water infection and that I should go home. The pain went away and recurred at the end of the week and so I returned to hospital. 

While on a monitor I was told that the foetal heart rate had dropped and that i would need an emergency section or that my baby would die. The section was carried out and I had a  4lb 8oz baby boy who we called Connor Jay. 

About an hour later I had a routine blood test and it was then that they discovered that I had Hellp as my platelets were
extremely low, I was fitted with drips and taken to intensive care where I needed 4 pints of blood and platelets. I was given morphine for the pain and had to have antibiotics four times daily and liver function tests every day. 

After two days I was well on the way to recovery and taken to a
normal ward. The doctors were extremely impressed with my recovery as they don't see many cases and one doctor said that most patients usually get a lot worse before they get better. 
Natalie Long

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