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by Nancy
sub - 8/12/01

It was my first pregnancy, so naturally I never thought anything was really wrong with me.  


Nancy's Story

I was diagnosed with hellp at 25 weeks pregnant.  On June 20th, I was experiencing some chest pain that I thought that I was gas pains or indigestion.  

It was my first pregnancy, so naturally I never thought 
anything was really wrong with me.  

After drawing blood, the doctors told my husband and I that we would be delivering within the next 48 hours.  We were devasted by this news.  We thought for sure that our baby would not survive.  

Withing 12 hours, my blood platlets had dropped significantly (the last count they gave me was 74,000), and my blood pressure was extremely elevated 
(189/103).  The nurses and doctors rushed into my room and said that an emergency c-section was going to have to be done immediately.

Within 20 minutes of them rushing into the room, our daughter was delivered.  She only weighed 1 lb 2 oz and was 11 inches long.  I was told that she managed to take one breath on her own when they pulled her out before 
intubating her.

Eight days after she was admitted to the NICU, she was off the ventilator and on cpap.  Within 2 weeks, she was on a nasal cannula.  The carpet was ripped out from under our feet 2 days after being put on the nasal cannula.  Because of the oxygen she received prior to this, she had developed BDP (bronchial pulmonary displasia).  She had to be put back on the ventilator because of this.  

Throughout the next two weeks, she was having a difficult time breathing and experienced numerous desaturations and heart rate drops.  

Eventually, she got bigger and stronger and was holding her own and decided to take herself off the ventilator.  She was put back on cpap, but only for 3 days.  

She is currently on the nasal cannula again.  However, this time she is doing very well with it.  The doctors say that it is because she is bigger and stronger.  (We are up to 2 lbs 4 oz!!)

We are told that she will be able to come home mid to late September.  Both of us are so eager for that to happen that we can hardly stand  how slow the 
time seems to be passing.  For now, we just wait and pray, a lot.

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