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The 2000 May Mom Year in Review!

What we were watching and talking 

We had Survivor party's, well some did any ways.

We watched & waited, to see if life as we knew it would end because of Y2K

We learned about the characters from VeggieTales & some started watching Dora

We watched Bush get the election from TV and woke up that he didn't, then did and on and on

Wasn't there Olympics this year ;-)

We watched Hopkins 25/7, dissected Dr. Laura 
& we were watching Big Brother

We saw the one headed kitten with 2 faces
& the headlines of conjoined twins being separated

We had big discussions on vaccinations 

We saw the world see a live birth via the net 

We heard about a woman giving birth in a tree oh and don't forget Elian

We watched gas prices rise

We saw some wicked weather,  some watched nasty Tornados (hi robin) & the rest of us watched the weather channel as more of our May moms endured Hurricanes.

We shared crock pot recipes & FlyLady musings.

Many shared their parenting frustrations with hitting but not too much talk of 'the other place'

We read as Patti bought a house, Liana built a new one

We followed Kathy, her job & her job hunting

We listened intently when Peggy 37 weeks was concerned about being small

Also we saw the rise in masturbation

We thoughtfully considered the question Kelli asked about what we have in common with our mates

We met the original Pooloke and some other fuzzy Caterpillars

There are plans for Hullabaloo 2001

We worried about Reader Rabbit spying on our kids

We saw the end of an era as Mr. Rogers retired

Many discovered the world of Ebay

We worried about Asbestos in the crayons

We gave Leanne advice on swallowing pills

We listened to Maureens excitement about getting her puppy

There was Jenn and her Igloo, oh Chase's I mean & we saw her DH in the news

We read about kids and dirt, Groovy Girl Dolls and scooters.

Many of us were hit with viruses this year,  Remember I Love You

What a year!  What discussions!

Check out this email from Hazel at the beginning of February:

I'm just going to write this and send it without pondering too long.

List volume is sometimes so low that I get scared that everyone has buggered off. I would like to see everything on list. I don't like sublists when there is no need. I always delete offers, recall warnings, etc. I do enjoy the discussions we used to have, I know we are all busy but there is always time for a good discussion! I think we a little scared to go off topic in case we frighten people away who can't cope with the volume but I think we are now left with a list that frightens people away because of its serenity

Hazel had nothing to fear or did she :-)


The year started off and hey that was a good sign!  No major malfunctions!

At the beginning of the year Suzanne was just having her Sonogram, Betsy was contemplating a waterbirth, Connie was also in the last stages of being pregnant and DawnH's husband was just laid off & Beth was worried her time was coming as well..

A lot of moms just dealing with potty training & the first of  'bad words'.

Trish was tossing the idea of writing a book around and Jill was dealing with a poopy Polar Bear & down the line the surprise of her ectopic! I wonder what ever happened with the book and the polar bear.

The year went on.  There were hard drive questions to Montessori questions to cat questions. 

Oh Yeah, some had babies! Anne, Sharon, Nancy & Dawn we're among the first to have babes in the New Year.

There were also a lot of funerals this past year for alot of dear friends and family.

We watched Carol strengthen her family and move to California.  We also watch Betsy, Jamie and others show their web talents at some really important stuff.

We had many discussions about ER and not just on TV we had a few with broken bones Julie & her clavicle, Adam & his many breaks and Aaron and his foot.

We were concerned about our sick babies like Daniel (PH) with viral meningitis & Maeve with what might have been we were worried with Dawn about her husband in the hospital.  We read as Danielle worried about Jessies's aches in her shins.

We followed Merle's friends dealing with tragedy.  We also discussed getting Mammograms at 35.

We had many debates this year, from the Newsweek article on Thimerosal to the election & discussed the innocence of Little Black Sambo.  Not everyone escaped unscathed from.

There was Tamara's embarrassing secret (Arc de Triomph ring a bell)?

And there was a long discussion about what our husband really do around the house. 

We talked a lot about recent headlines like the child being thrown from the car, the girl who was overweight or the six year old with a gun cases like those.

We also talked about big loud sharp hairy things to the growing pains of Napster to what kinda of books, our kids were reading My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett , Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl, No David and many others.

So that's why the winter theme seemed appropriate.  Another year in the history of the May Moms.
A year which pulled us in many directions of list loyalty.  Should I stay or should I go? 
What started out as a source of information about being pregnant has become so much more.
Where else can you express so much emotion, care and concern from the boundaries of your own little world.
I hope that all those who do decide to go in the future take something good away from the experience of being a May Mom.
Some of the CTTS & Stories were gleaned from the list.  I hope they bring back memories of the past year of being a May 1997 Mom!

The things they say 2000:

Friday when Jamie came down from her “nap” we thought she had really been sleeping cause she was drenched with sweat.   Then I touched her head and realized it was A&D Ointment!   It was all over her and when I checked it was all over the room too.   That part isn't so funny.   She told me she put “conditioner” on  her hair and lotion on her legs.
Shampooed twice in the bath and the next morning it was still so greasy it would stick out straight wherever  you held it!   (Her ringlets did hold without frizz LOL).
Anyway, I told my mom it looked like Id have to use dishwashing soap to get it out.
Jamie looked at me with huge eyes and said “You're going to put me in the dishwasher????”


Subtitle: "My Little Romeo"

On Saturday evening we had plans to have dinner at some friends' house.  Their daughter was in Alex's class at school last year, & he sees her every week at gymnastics class. Gabrielle (the daughter) was coming to our house for the evening with her nanny as baby-sitter for both children. I told Alex that he needed to have a nap so that he'd be rested & ready to have fun with Gabrielle.
Alex: "OK, Mommy! When I wake up, can I put on a different outfit?"
Me: "Sure, Sweetie, but what's wrong with what you're wearing?"
Alex: "Well, it's not my favorite outfit, and I need to wear my favorite outfit for Gabrielle!"
When he woke up from his nap shortly before Gabrielle was due to arrive, he quickly climbed out of bed to select his outfit. He said "Mommy, I  need to fix my hair, too, because it always sticks up after my nap!"
Guess he was prepping for his date....

--Maria and Alex "Wooer of Women, Young and Old" Magee

A while back, I had morning sickness frequently and used to tell Sarah I was sick because of the baby in my tummy.  I told her yesterday I was sick, & this is what was said:
Sarah:  There's a baby in your tummy?
Me:  Yes, & my tummy's going to get bigger & bigger, & one day the baby will come out.
Sarah: Mommy, your tummy's already big.


One of Nathan’s favorite things to do is knock things over.   So whenever Jamie is done building a block tower, we turn him loose and usually announce: “Here comes Destructo-Boy!”

The other day he was heading for some books I had stacked to move and Jamie yelled, “watch out!   Here comes Duck-Toe boy!”   Poor kid, the nickname may stick for years!

Judy, Jamie & the Duck-Toe-Tantrum boy ;) 

Tonight, I was trying to match up a sample square of Corian to some paint chips, & Aleah kept grabbing it away to play with it, despite my telling her she'd have to wait a minute.
I finally told her "you're being really obnoxious, Aleah."
Her answer, word for word:
"I *am* being obnoxious, but I am also a *person* [her emphasis]; so just leave me alone and let me do my own thing". ? !!!


I just found Alec in our front porch, with his stool, bag, and my keys.   He needed the stool to reach the key hole to open the door. (which he could not manipulate any way) He was going to go for a walk. While I was  on the computer. :) Something he has not tried before.


Weird Things Mommies Do:

I was trying to get Elizabeth back to sleep 5:00 yesterday morning and I apparently fell asleep with her on the couch. I woke up and I was biting her fingers! Just nibbling gently on her nails, mind you. One of the unwritten dangers of co-sleeping.

Cute Things They Say:

Karl was talking about "Coach" on the way home from school a couple of  weeks ago. I didn't know which of two men "Coach" was. We've always bent over backwards to not mention race, but my curiosity got the better of me. So I said "What color is Coach? Does he have dark skin or light skin?" To which Karl replied, "He doesn't! He's coach-colored."

Sharon Z.

Yesterday Chase & I had such a great day together. We came in to the office & Chase was able to watch a 5 story building being torn down next door with a birdeye view from our conference room. We then went to McDonalds where he got a happy meal with finger skate board. He has played with the skate board nonstop since then. We then spent the rest of the day playing, watching movies, & ended the day reading "toy magazines" (catalogs ;-) propped up in his bed.
When I was putting him to sleep we had all the lights off and laying down, after a few minutes of silence Chase said, "Mom, stick with me?" I said "Of course I will, will you stick with me?" He said "sure". I said, "You're my sweetie" - he said "You are my sweetie!" 
A few more minutes of silence go by. Chase says, "Mama, I love you." and repeats this every few moments until he goes to sleep.

 :-) :-) :-)


Maeve has a couple of these:
1. The following is Maeve's revised lyrics to the popular children's classic, "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep"

              Black sheep, black sheep
              you have any wolves
              yessir, yessir
              free bags full

Yesterday, she had a little bit of wedgie, and she pulled up her dress, pulled on her underwear and said "Uggh, my unnerwear is munching on me


Kayla has a new game lately, which fits into her recent trend of pretending to be a baby. She says, "I'll be the lil baby, and you be  the worried mother." She then lays down (on her bed or on the McDonald's slide), then, surreptitiously, starts rolling off. My job is to catch her and say "Oh no, lil baby, don't roll off the bed!"
She loves to do this, repeatedly! (Her little baby talks, though, saying "Mother, you hurt my feelings" or "Mother, I need you" or "Mother I need to burp" lol)


The time:  3:30 am
I get woken up by Aaron who is crawling into our bed.
"Mommy, move Spirit or she will bite my toes"
Spirit is lying beside me where Aaron wants to be and is a crotchety calico and apt to bite toes shoved at her
"No Aaron, if you don't want to have her bite your toes, sleep in your bed."  I'm really tired and I want to sleep, when Aaron sleeps with us I tend not to sleep very well.
"No mommy, I want to sleep with you".  The next thing I know he decided to scrunch up on my pillow, up against the headboard.  Since he had no blankets I decided to take pity on him and gently kick spirit down to the bottom of the bed so that Aaron can sleep under the blankets.  I got hugged the rest of the night by him and little sleep as my reward.  I am happy with the reward, even if I still want to be asleep.


Everything lately that Allie talks about is "When I get BIG"...

This morning: 
(I'm busy getting dressed, putting my bra on)
Allie: When I get big, I get to wear one of those....on my shoulders
Me: Really?
Allie: Yup, when I get big I'm going to wear one of those and then I can feed Zachy!!

Hmmm...somehow I think Zachy is going to get big along with her!!  I get a kick out of their logic!



Heart-breaking Things they Say....
My mom and dad were here for a 9 day visit.  Teddy loved having them here.
They left on a Sunday morning about 730a.  Instead of focusing on the fact that they were leaving we tried to talk abut the fact that we would go see Nana and PaPaw In October.  This was our conversation later in the morning.
ME:  Teddy it's time to get dressed
TEDDY:  (yelling) no school
ME:  No Teddy, it's not a school day.  We need to get dressed for church.
TEDDY:  I want to get dressed for October.
Broke my heart that he wanted to see them so badly.

Jackie Siciliano

Maggie, laying on the sorted dirty clothes in the laundry room:
Mommy look at me.
Me: I see you laying/lying on my dirty clothes pile. (me turning around back to computer)
Maggie: But mommy... it's importanent.
Me: Oh, it's important. (Me giving her my full attention now)
Maggie: Roni Michelle threw up today. She was sick.
(that's it. end of importanent discussion) :-)

Robin Owens

Larry's out of town, so last night we called him.  It was Chad's turn to talk, so he gets on the phone and says "Hi Daddy, I need to tell you something....  YOU ARE A TOY!!!"
What a funny kid :)

There are certain movies that Cassie can repeat while passages of dialogue from, and it's kind of become a family activity... but still I  was shocked when she just said to Connor with the most serious face I've ever seen.... "Connor, I am your father."


Ashraf has been reluctant to give me proper kisses lately, and if i ask for a kiss i get a hug instead. The other day i got a real kiss but he
immediately wiped his mouth with his hand. Today, again i got a proper kiss on the mouth and i saw him wipe his mouth right away. So i asked him, "Don't you like to kiss Mommy?" His reply: "It's messy."

I knew this day would come but i'm still a little sad,


Last week one evening, I was in the living room with the kids. We were talking about when we lived in the townhouse (Maggie was 8 months when we moved into our house.) Jessie asked where she was. I told her that she was in heaven with God and the angels waiting for Mommy and Daddy, then she was in my belly and she grew until she could be born and she's growing now. After I              explained again about God and the angels, she says "Oh." And I asked her if  she remembered, and she enthusiastically said "Yeah." Maybe she does remember.


Eeek... What a night. We went to a new restaurant in town tonight. What a wild ride that was. Stupid to go someplace untested with HM in tow. She was driving us batshit by the time we finally got out of there ***1.5 hours***  after our arrival. That's about one full hour more than she is typically good for, lol. The food was wonderful, but the interminable waits between courses were VERY challenging. Worse, we had them bring the girls' meals with the appetizer and they were DONE eating before the salads even arrived.

ARGH. And this was well before the dinner rush (4:30 pm... we were one of three occupied tables at first, though they had a waiting list by the time we got out of there at 6 pm), so it's not like they were swamped.

From now on it's fast food for us, I swear. It wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't so much social pressure in terms of dirty looks (when HM is playing under the table and we let her because she's doing it *peacefully.* But I guess some people consider that bad manners judging from the not very friendly looks we got :-P). It's just not worth spending that kind of money on a meal when we have to endure the unhappiness of our fellow diners throughout (and that's when all the kids are on *good* behavior).

Aside: You really are a magnet for attention when you have three young children in tow. Lots of headshaking and wide eyes. Geez. Every time our server came to the table she commented on how she couldn't believe we had so many so young. And lots of inquiries lately about whether Bailey and HM are twins (including one from said server). Now that one is just turned four and the other is only two weeks shy of three, you have to know them pretty well for the slight difference in height to be very noticeable. It's probably not noticeable at all when they are sitting down.

Oh, the <blush> moment referred to in the subject line: I nursed Mira right before the main course at dinner tonight and I never got the chance to snap my bra back up afterwards. No big deal really. BUT when I got to the car and remembered to do it, I noticed that the nursing pad (disposable) was
missing. OMG! How mortifying. I'm just hoping it fell to the floor under the table while we were sitting there and not from my shirt as I was walking out the door or something, lol. The poor table busser.

And I repeat: What a night. We did have fun at the playground afterwards, at least.
I'm feeling like I don't really want to go *anywhere* for the next year (with my kids) unless it is the ultimate in kid friendly, with some real heathen kids running around to make mine look like angels...


The Many Faces of Jill
Lips Like Sugar
Let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
The Terminator without the bashful charm
Supposed former infatuation junkie
Cheeky Delinquent
Pardon me while I burst into flames
What would an angel say the devil wants to know?
Life is hard enough when you belong here


It rained all day, all over Florida.

My day started with DH crawling into the bed on my side of our cramped, leaky, rickety camper because Karl had peed on his side.  I got up after about an hour and made the trek to the bathroom through the rain. 
Karl didn't want to come along.  He said his stomach hurt.  Apparently right after I left he decided he *had* to poop immediately and just barely made it in time to spread a big wet one in his musical potty.  I started to wipe him up, but the smell gave me the heaves, so DH had to finish and clean out the potty. 
We got everybody dressed and met my parents at their motel room.  We planned to go to a barbecue place for breakfast, but first I had to stop at Walmart to buy Karl a pair of shoes because I'd left his in the camper. 
Got settled in the restaurant, ordered our food, and started to put Elizabeth in her high chair when I detected a smell.  I looked down and it was seeping out through the bottom of her onesie (this paled in comparison to  what she did Wednesday).  Mom and I went out to the parking lot and changed her on some newspapers. 

Fortunately I had several changes of clothes there for her.  Breakfast continued without further incident.

We returned to the campsite to finish packing our stuff.  My parents were supposed to follow and Dad was supposed to take Karl to the playground while Mom babysat Elizabeth.  However, they took so long that
we'd already finished packing by the time they arrived.  I went to the bathroom again, and Karl pooped again just as Dad was set to take him to the playground.  But this time his daddy had said "no more musical potty,"
so he did it in his pants.  Mom and I took him to a shower stall and cleaned him up with wipes.  Then Dad took him to the playground, just in time for it to start raining.  We drove there to meet them and said our good-byes. 

We stopped at Winn Dixie to get supplies and cash, then stopped for gas, then went back to the campground because I'd left my fanny pack there with all my cards in it.

An hour later we got to Florida's Turnpike.  We stopped at the first service plaza so I could feed Elizabeth and we could get a bite to eat.  Right after I switched sides, Karl started screaming that he had to poop, so I hustled the kids out and left Elizabeth with DH at Popeye's.  When we got into the stall Karl decided that he didn't have to poop, but I bullied him into peeing.  We went out to the lobby and I held Elizabeth while DH went to get me coffee.  I detected a smell.  We changed her in the back of the car.  But for the first time in two weeks, it hadn't escaped from her diaper.

We stopped at the next service plaza because DH had detected a smell.  Elizabeth usually just goes every other day.  We changed her in the back of the car, then I nursed her.  Karl mentioned his stomach hurting . . .

After we passed the next and final service plaza, we were both overcome by a horrible stench.  We opened the windows, but even going 80 mph we couldn't outrun it.  When we got off the turnpike I pulled over and went to check Elizabeth, but DH, who was sitting next to her didn't think it was her.  I looked at Karl's lap and it was coated with brown icing.  We drove the remaining 40 miles with the windows wide open and the A/C on full blast.  Had to stop in traffic for a while.  When we got home I took Karl out back, stripped him
down, and hosed him off amid much screaming.  I took him inside so DH could finish wiping him while I disassembled the car seat, hosed it down and threw the cover in the washing machine.  I went back inside to
find Karl asking for his stool, but it was too late.  He had pooped in his pants.  Took him back outside, hosed him down again, more screaming.  The medium drizzle turned into a downpour.  He's in the bathtub now.  I don't know if I want to let him out.