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The year started off and hey that was a good sign!  No major malfunctions!

At the beginning of the year Suzanne was just having her Sonogram, Betsy was contimplating a waterbirth, Connie was also in the last stages of being pregnant and DawnH's husband was just laid off & Beth was worried her time was coming as well..

A lot of moms just dealing with potty training & the fist of  'bad words'.

Trish was tossing the idea of writing a book around and Jill was dealing with a poopy Polar Bear & down the line the surprise of her ectopic! I wonder what ever happended with the book and the polar bear.

The year went on.  There were hard drive questions to Montessori questions to cat questions.  Oh Yeah, some had babies! I think Nancy was the first with Matthew.

There were also a lot of funerals this past year for alot of dear friends and family.

We watched Carol strengthen her family and move to California.  We also watch Betsy, Jamie and others show their web talents at some really important stuff.

We had many discussions about ER and not just on TV we had a few with broken bones Julie & her clavicale, Adam & his many breaks and Aaron and his foot.

We were concerned about our sick babies like Daniel (PH) with viral menengitis & Maeve with what might have been we were worried with Dawn about her husband in the hospital.  We read as Danielle worried about Jessies's aches in her shins.

We followed Merle's friends dealing with tradgedy.  We also discussed getting Mammograms at 35.

We had many debates this year, from the Newsweek article on Thimerosal to the election & discussed the innocence of Little Black Sambo.  Not everyone escaped unscathed from.

There was Tamara's embarassing secret (Arc de Triomph ring a bell)?

And there was a long discussion about what our husband really do around the house. 

We talked a lot about recent headlines like the child being thrown from the car, the girl who was overweight or the six year old with a gun cases like those.

We also talked about big loud sharp hairy things to the growing pains of Napster to what kinda of books, our kids were reading My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett , Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl, No David and many others.