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The 2000 May Mom Year in Review!

The year started off and hey that was a good sign!  No major malfunctions!
At the geginning of the year Suzanne was just having her Sonogram, Betsy was contimplating a waterbirth, Connie was also in the last stages of being pregnant and DawnH's husband was just laid off & Beth was worried her time was coming as well..
A lot of moms just dealing with potty training. Trish was tossing the idea of writing a book around and Jill was dealing with a poopy Polar Bear! I wonder what ever happended with the book and the polar bear.
The year went on.  There were hard drive questions to Montessori questions to cat questions.  Oh Yeah, some had babies!
I think Nancy was the first with Matthew.
There were also a lot of funerals this past year for alot of dear friends and family.
We watched Carol strengthen her family and move to California.  We also watch Betsy, Jamie and others show their web talents at some really important stuff.
We shared crock pot recipes and FlyLady musings.
Many shared their parenting fustrations with hitting
We had big discussions on vaccinations we also saw the world see a live birth via the net & a heard about a woman giving birth in a tree oh and don't forget Elian
We read as Patti bought a house, Liana built a new one
We had many discussions about ER we had a few with broken bones Julie & her clavicale, Adam & his many breaks and
Aaron and his foot.
We watched gas prices rise
We watched Bush get the election from TV and woke up that he didn't...
We were concerned about our sick babies like Daniel (PH) with viral menengitis
We followed Kathy, her job and her job hunting
We listened intently when Peggy 37 weeks was concerned about being small
getting Mammograms at 35.
Also we saw the rise in masturbation
and the growing pains of Napster
We thoughtfully considered the question Kelli asked about what we have in common with our mates
We saw some wicked weather, some of our May Moms did a good job weather some nasty Tornados (hi robin)
We met the original Pooloke and some other fuzzy Caterpillars
There are plans for Hullabaloo 2001
We worried about Reader Rabbit spying on our kids
Many discovered the world of Ebay
We were watching Big Brother
We gave Leanne advice on swallowing pills
We listened to Maureens excitement about getting her puppy
We followed Merle's friends dealing with tradgedy
We read as Danielle worried about her aches in her shins.
We were worried with Dawn about her husband in the hospital
We saw the one headed kitten with 2 faces
We saw the headlines of conjoined twins being seperated
We had Survivor party's, well some did anyways.
We learned about the characters from VeggieTales
We had many debates this year, from the Newsweek article on Thermisol to the election
We watched Hopkins 25/7, dissected Dr. Laura & discussed the innocence of Little Black Sambo
We also talked about big loud sharp hairy things
There was Jenn and her Igloo, oh Chase's I mean & we saw her DH in the news
We read about kids and dirt, Groovy Girl Dolls and scooters.
Check out this email from Hazel at the beginning of February
I'm just going to write this and send it without pondering too long.

             List volume is sometimes so low that I get scared that everyone has buggered
             off. I would like to see everything on list. I don't like sublists when
             there is no need. I always delete offers, recall warnings, etc. I do enjoy
             the discussions we used to have, I know we are all busy but there is always
             time for a good discussion! I think we a little scared to go off topic in
             case we frighten people away who can't cope with the volume but I think we
             are now left with a list that frightens people away because of its serenity

Hazel had nothing to fear or did she :-)

Many of us were hit with viruses this year.  Remember I Love You

Lips Like Sugar
Let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
 The Terminator without the bashful charm
Supposed former infatuation junkie
Cheeky Delinquent
Pardon me while I burst into flames
What would an angel say the devil wants to know?

There was Tamara's embarassing secret (Arc de Triomph ring a bell)
And there was a long discussion about what our husband really do around the house.  We had a first few with 'bad' words.
We talked a lot about recent headlines like the child being thrown from the car, the girl who was overweight or the six year old with a gun cases like those.

Friday when Jamie came down from her “nap” we thought she had really been sleeping cause she was
              drenched with sweat.   Then I touched her head and realized it was A&D Ointment!   It was all over her and
              when I checked it was all over the room too.   That part isn’t so funny.   She told me she put “conditioner” on
              her hair and lotion on her legs.

              Shampooed twice in the bath and the next morning it was still so greasy it would stick out straight wherever
              you held it!   (Her ringlets did hold without frizz LOL).

              Anyway, I told my mom it looked like I’d have to use dishwashing soap to get it out.[1]

              Jamie looked at me with huge eyes and said “You’re going to put me in the dishwasher????”


Tonight, I was trying to match up a sample square of Corian to some
              paint chips, and Aleah kept grabbing it away to play with it, despite my
              telling her she'd have to wait a minute.

              I finally told her "you're being really obnoxious, Aleah."

              Her answer, word for word:

              "I *am* being obnoxious, but I am also a *person* [her emphasis]; so
              just leave me alone and let me do my own thing". ? !!!


A while back, I had morning sickness frequently and used to tell Sarah I
              was sick because of the baby in my tummy.  I told her yesterday I was sick,
              and this is what was said:

              Sarah:  There's a baby in your tummy?
              Me:  Yes, and my tummy's going to get bigger and bigger, and one day the
              baby will come out.
              Sarah: Mommy, your tummy's already big.