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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Monday November 20,2000

I started my 18th week today.  I had blood drawn about
a week and a half ago for the maternal triple screen
test (used to be called the AFP).  My results came
back normal.     So I am able to breathe a sigh of
relief on that matter.  I have been feeling the baby
move lately.  I can't recall the first time I felt
movement, it's so subtle at first I always second
guess myself.  Last night I was lying on the couch
reading a book (title; I Know This Much Is True by
Wally Lamb,  pretty good book so far) and I felt what
could only be baby movements.  I was a little
surprised at how hard they were.  I am finally feeling
better.  Sinus infection pretty well cleared up.  I
had to sleep in my recliner for about a week because
the pressure in my head hurt too much if I were to lay
flat.  I ended up having to be on two different
antibiotics and still have a few days left to take
them.  Griffin will be having tubes put in his ears on
November 28th.  I am hoping that that will mean the
end of his ear problems.  Well thats all that's new. 
Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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