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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Monday December 4th 2000

I had my ultrasound done on Friday.  The doctor who
performed the ultrasound asked me if I wanted to know
the sex of the baby before we got started, I told her
I was undecided, but leaning toword no.  But I knew
that my husband wanted to find out.  About half way
through it she was taking measurments and showing us
various organs and structures when I said "that has
got to be a boy" she looked at me and said "I thought
you didn't want to know" I said it's hard to deny when
you can see it so plain.  My husband was asking
"where, I don't see anything" so she scanned back to
the penis and gave him a look.  I didn't really want
to know the gender but there was no denying it.  I
didn't care what sex the baby is , I'm just hoping for
a healthy one.  I had the Dr. look at my placenta for
calcifications, there were none.  As far as
measurements go, this baby is in the 95th percentile
and measureing 3 days ahead of schedule.  Everything
looked great.  The only concern the Dr. had was that
my placenta implanted low.  I am supposed to have
another ultrasound at 28 weeks to see if as my uterus
expands the placenta migrates up at all.  I read in
one of my nursing text books that about 90% of the
cases of early diagnosed low lying placenta or
placenta previa do migrate up and therefore don't
cause any problems.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 
I go to the doctor for a regular OB appointment this
Wednesday.  I'll update more after that.

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