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Cristen's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37  1/2

I'm almost to the end of this pregnancy, it's hard to believe and  I feel
great!!!!  My c-section was originally scheduled for tomorrow June 25th,
but got changed.  I was supposed to have an amniocentesis last Thrus.
but the Dr. was unable to find a pocket of fluid large enough  to get fluid
from that also didn't have umbilical cord or placenta or feet in the way. 
So he said to be on the safe side and make sure the babies lungs are
fully developed we should put it off another week.  So 7 1/2 more days
unless I go into labor before that.  The date is July 2 which is also
Reilly's 2nd Birthday!!!  I couldn't believe it fell on that date of all dates. 
At first I was really bummed but the more I've thought about it, might be
a fun thing too?  My husband was thrilled (leave it to a guy).  So that's
pretty much the update again.  One more week of uncomfortable
sleeping , then several months of no sleeping!!!  I'm excited and very
thankful everything has turned out so differently this time.  I really feel
blessed and can hardly wait to se the little guy.   

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