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Christian Allen
May 8, 1997


Born September 20, 1999


The picture of 
him was on his first birthday, doing what he does best, eating. 

Christian at the lake in  July 2000.  It was at my cousin's lake house in McCall Idaho, on the Payette Lake. 


Christian and his best friend Hector Chavez was this Halloween. 
Crusaders out to save the Universe? 

Christian & Russell

The picture of the family was also taken on this trip:  Mike, Roxie, Christian and Russell on the staircase.  (The day before the dreaded, most awful, airplane ride in the history of kids flying as we flew back to Houston) See below for the story!
The Allen's waited for years after the birth of their first child for the first family vacation that involved airplane travel.  I'd heard so many horror stories of children crying and causing a rucus, that I was petrified!  The summer of 2000 provided one such opportunity however.  My cousin invited us to his summer house in McCall, Idaho on the Payette Lake and my whole family decided to go.  The flight there was not too bad;  Russell has tubes in his ears so the pressure changes did not seem to bother him too much.  By the last leg of the flight, Christian was pretty fussy, but we attributed it to the long day.  Little did we know that by that time, Christian's ears had seen enough.  We had a great visit with my cousin and family.  We boated, sailed, jet skiied,... for a whole week.  The day before our return flight, Christian started coughing and his nose started running.  (Mine and Russell's already were, so I assume we all caught the same bug.)   We loaded up the car and headed down the mountain to the airport.  Christian began wailing at the first mountain pass.  By the time we reached the airport, he had calmed down considerably.  Suffice it to say that each leg of the flight, the wailing became louder and the episodes lasted longer and longer.  I also was in more pain than I have ever experienced due to my clogged head, so I can only imagine Christian's pain.  Thank goodness for Russell's tubes!  My ears stayed plugged for almost three weeks after our return home.  Christian seemed to recover within a few days.

Now for the scary part:  we are flying to Hawaii for Christmas.  Help!!!