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Beth Hancock

 Beth & Jamie on a lock beam
Summer 2000

Beth isn't a morning person!

Beth - The cutest Tiger!
Summer 2000

Beth's Broken Arm!


Beth was born on 18th April 1997 after being frozen as an embryo for 15 months. She currently weighs 39pounds and is 103cm or 42inches high.
Beth likes ballet, gym and swimming. She loves books and being tickled and most of all she loves being cuddled. She also loves Sunday School and Nursery and is currently singing "When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney" in preparation for her nativity play.
September was eventful. Beth fell off a lock beam and broke her arm and then a couple of days later climbed on a swing seat in the garden and turned it over cutting her lips and gums and her two front teeth went black. In one of these incidents she also damaged her knee which resulted in lots of hospital trips to investigate the damage. In the end it turned out to be fluid on her knee and she made a full recovery.
Beth loves ice-cream and chocolate. She only likes the icing on cakes, MESSY.
Beth goes to bed at 8pm and falls asleep in seconds. She wakes up at about 7am and loves coming into bed with Mummy for a snuggle. Beth is a Mummy's girl.
Beth loves Winnie the Pooh and is hoping for a very very small bear for Christmas. Beth generally likes small things rather than big things, especially small books. Beth also likes Lego and spent all of last Christmas putting blocks together but she doesn't like jigsaws. 
Beth loves drawing and counting but doesn't want to try writing yet.
Beth gets on very well with her big brother Jamie and they miss each other when they are apart.
We are currently letting Beth's hair grow long and she loves having slides, clips and bows being put in it. Beth much prefers dresses to trousers and loves dressing up, especially in pretty things.
This summer we spent on our boat. Beth found the work hard and the days long. She also found going to sleep at night difficult. One memorable night she couldn't settle and finally I told her that we were going to bed too and that she was on her own. We got into bed and Beth came down the boat one more time to ask if she could sleep with us. Very funny. 

Life with Beth as a 3 1/2 year old is easier than it was just a few months ago. Her social skills are developing which makes life easier for her and the rest of us.

When Beth was less than 2 1/2 she asked if she could drive the car. I see trouble coming.

About the same time Beth grabbed Jamie and asked "Where my tail?" She has recently found her tail and enjoys finding out more about it. LOL.