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Andrew from Birth to Toddlerdom!


Andrew- Birth to 3 Months

      Just a few days old    With his Mom & GrandMa

     Andrew-the day before we took him home      Andrew- the day he arrived at home.

     Relaxing at home!     At Great GrandPa & GrandMa's 50th Anniversary Party!

     Andrew-at a picnic & finally off of his Oxygen!

Andrew's 4 month Pictures!
He had just mastered the art of...Holdup his head!

Andrew's 7 month Pictures!
He had just mastered the art of...Sitting!

Andy-10/30/97 Andy in his crib - 11/15/97

Andrew ended up in the hospital for Croup in February of '98.  He spent 4 days there :-(

March of 1998!  Andrew is 1!!!!

Andrew's 1 Year Professional Pics!

 Andrew's Story

 Visit Pics of Andrew's Journey in Toddlerdom! Updated 10/12/98!

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