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Ready! Get Set! Go!



From Left to Right - Andrew-Grandpa-Daddy (Dale)
Quick Disclaimer - these pics were shot when Grandpa had 
just unloaded the sleds from the trailer. He then took Andrew
for a quick tool around an empty parking lot - we all wear helmets
when we ride!

Amanda is a hotel girl!
She wasn't thrilled with being on the sled!


Aunt Beth

Andrew and Beth are very close. Andrew always helps take care of her and Beth always is asking about Andrew.  Beth loves to get on the sled and go as well!

The cool thing about going snowmobiling is a hotel with a pool!  Below are the pool shots! Andrew loves to swim - in the past year he has mastered floating with no life jacket and some basic swimming with no life jacket!

Kids Winter 02


Swimming 2003 Winter

Brother and Sister play togther much better in the pool!
Grandpa, Aunt Beth and Andrew
Gaylord 2003

Andrew, Grandpa and Aunt Beth

Amanda - 6/26/99
Amanda can quote more SpongeBob than the creators of the show.  She also knows lots of quotes from Transformer and other 'boy' shows!
But the girl likes her clothes and jewelry!

And after some swimming - It was off to see Bambi - The Gaylord Elk Herd Preserve they have everything from deer to elk.  It's Amanda's Fav part of the trip!

Andy and the Icicle


Andrews Close up

Gaylord 2003

All in all our snowmobile trip was great!

Now let's warm up and hit the beach! Click here to go again!