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Day 1 - June 26th 1999
Amanda was born today.  Actually it was very early in the morning, 5:54am to be exact.  She came out with a few cries and covered in vernix.  The nurse took her over to the warmer and began to check her over and clean her up.  Grandma Slagor was there giving me reports and holding her hand.
It took a few minutes but Amanda finally made her way back to her mommy.  It was very special to me to have my little girl in my arms as opposed to having her whisked away to the NICU like Andy.
That first day Amanda slept and slept and slept, just like when I was a baby or so everyone says.  During that first day I had to wake her to change and feed her, she was a very sleepy baby.  She had on the Riverside T-shirt for a bit then I the photo lady wanted to take her picture.  So not less then 4 hours old or so and I put her going home pink and white dress on and the lady took her pictures.
Her Grandpa and Great Grandma Slagor came by to see her and me after that.  They only stayed a short time as Amanda was again in a deep sleep.  I changed her back into her own gown.
That first night was rough on mom but easy on Mandy.  The next day, Sunday we were going home.  Daddy and Big Brother arrived around Noon time.  Of course Amanda was sleeping away.  The car ride home didn't phase her much either.
During this time we learned more about how Amanda was not hesitant to 'let it fly'.  Her pee pee and poo poo that is!  As soon as you wipe her butt she would either poo some more or pee some more.  By the middle of Sunday her poo wasn't the black meconium but the seedy breast milk poo's.
At home that day, Sunday she settled in quickly.  Every 1-3 hours she would wake up and want to be fed, changed, or just picked up.
The first week was pretty much the same. It was very hot out so we didn't go out much that first week.

July 9th 1999
The second week was still pretty much like the first week.  She was up every 2-3 hours.  Starting to get a fussy time in the late evening night period.  I don't think it's colic as she is only mildly fussy.  She still pee's or poo's if you touch her butt area and you have to do that when you clean.
She's eating breast milk by bottle, about 2-4 ounces per feeding.  She is going through a bout with dry skin on her toes and fingers.  She has the slightest row of eye lashes just peeking out form her eye lid.  She still has the v shaped bruise on her forehead and some 'birth' spots on the back of her head.  Today she developed some little infant acne spots on her left cheek.  Each day she is spending just a little more time being awake, holding her head up and looking around.
Yesterday was her first real public outing.  Of course she went to Bob Evans and then to K-marts shopping.  Everyone stopped to ask how old she was and to say how cute she is!
Amanda still seems to like sleeping in her infant carrier the best.  She can really snuggle in a little ball the best in that seat.  She is wearing her 0-3 month stuff and fits nicely now into a size 1 diaper.  She still has her cord on and I am hoping it will fall off very soon!  Speaking of feedings she always has to have her hands right there in her face.  Sometimes you have to literally push her hands away to be able to feed her.

July 12th 1999
Well 2 hours or so before Amanda officially turned 2 weeks old her cord stump finally fell off.  Boy I was glad...It kinda smelled funny :-)
Sunday Amanda made her debut at the Kingdom Hall.  She didn't sit and enjoy the new view instead she made herself known.  Daddy even had to change a very full diaper.
This morning Amanda had her first sink bath!  Just like with Andy I put Amanda in the sink on a washcloth and gave her a bath.  She didn't mind the water at all.  She didn't like being naked but she did seem to enjoy having the water on her.  Oh Boy does she smell nice!
She still had a bit of a diaper rash and some dry skin on her feet and hands.  I keep putting lotion on her.
We put her in her bouncy seat the other day.  Yesterday and today she seemed to enjoy sitting in it.  Not for a long time, obviously and not long enough that she falls asleep but just enough so that it is a change of pace for her.
We've been calling her Princess or Little Girl or Mandy or Pretty Girl.  The past 2 days or so she seems to be drinking 4 ozs twice a day.  That's alot for a tiny thing like her!  And she still dislikes having her diaper changed.  And she seems to sleep the best in her carrier on her pink fuzzy blanket.

Week 3
I think this was the most difficult week as it pertains to sleep.  Amanda went through periods of waking every hour to being fussy for hours on end.  I don't think it was/is colic but something like a milder version.  She seems pretty gassy and maybe in a few days I'll try some Mylicon drops if the problem persists.
Amanda is still a champion pooper!  She seems to have developed a bit of infant acne just under her left eye, nothing major just a FYI.
I can tell most of her cry's now.  Hold me, I'm hungry, I 'm cold or change me.  She's had a few more baths and likes them one day and not the next.

Week 4
Amanda slept her first 5 hour stretch.  I figured out that if I swaddle her but leave her feet out, give her a bottle of formula (she otherwise gets breast milk), some Mylicon drops and put her on one of my nightgowns that I have worn the previous night she sleeps pretty her bassinet I might add.
She still sometimes forgets how to suck and gets all frantic.  Her fingernails grow like crazy but I can tell she will have very beautiful fingers when she is older.
At this point she prefers Mommy's smell over Daddy's smell...She likes her bouncy seat for just a bit and hates to have her clothes changed.

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