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sub - 8/2/01

They prescribe me medicine for nausea.  The medicine doesn't help and my stomach aches keep getting worse.  This goes on for about one week.  



Zachary is my third child, I'm 32 years old.  I'm 37 weeks along and having checkups every two weeks.  Each visit my blood pressure is high.  Finally, they did an ultrasound and there appeared to be more than normal fluid around the baby but they sent me home.  

I've been having stomach aches and every day I call the doctors office and end up speaking with a nurse who tells me each time I call that it's the flu. 

I leave early from work one day because I have a fever and
stomach ache.  That night at bedtime I'm miserable, there is no way I can sleep.  I'm doubled over on the floor in pain.   I have my husband take me to the hospital even though he doesn't think it's necessary.  

I'm admitted to labor and delivery and the nurses can't find anything wrong with me so they give me a shot for nausea.  They decide to keep me overnight for observation.  (I've had mild pain in the upper right hand side of my stomach, but I've been thinking it's the baby pushing on my ribs.) 

My doctor called in and told them to run some tests.  Meanwhile, they send my  husband home.  I heard a nurse out at the nurses station a little while later talking to a doctor on the phone telling the doctor about test results being "all over the place".  

The next thing I know they are all in my room preparing me for a c-section.  There is no time to induce labor they said and I had them page my husband to come back.  They had already starting the c-section  when my husband arrived and
Zachary was born in good health at 6lbs 1oz in September 2000!  

The next afternoon (This was about 1:00 a.m.)  I brushed my teeth and my gums started bleeding like a waterfall.  I told the nurse my gums were bleeding and she tried to brush me off.  I made her stop and look and she about panicked.  The next thing I know my doctor has arrived and they are wheeling me off for a platelet transfusion.  

My doctor later told me she was scared when I smiled at her and blood was oozing from my gums.  A few days later my baby and I both went home and we have had no complications!!

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